EVS Euro and Trafo

One of the surprises I got with the EVS was a free Euro <26 card, or a youth card, specially for EVS volunteers. Well, it costs around 10€ in Portugal and I always had it (discount in trains) but my had expired and it can be useful any time.

In the letter that accompanied it there was a reference for Trafo - a portal for ideas that inspire, as they call it, where someone can post articles, photos or videos, about europe, life and everything else. Quite interesting.

Beograd Pride Parade

Yesterday, at 10th October 2010, the "first" Pride Parade was held in Beograd. I say "first" because in 2001 and 2009 there were attempts to held one but they were stopped after the numerous violent threats of attacks from extreme-right groups.

But yesterday, more than 1000 people marched successfully in the first Pride Parade. Even with the protection of more than 5000 riot policemen, about 6000 people tried to attack the parade. But with the police response it turned out to become an urban fight with riots, looting, public patrimony destruction and simple hooliganism and outlawing happened. More than 100 police were injured and more than 200 protestants were arrested. Losses are accounted to more and 1M€

Apart from all the free violence and destruction, the pride was a success and was a victory of human rights NGOs and personal freedom over conservationism and right-wing movements. The government also showed that can and will support human rights movements and demonstrations and fight and prevent right-wing movements.

But this also happened after the pressure of EU and the pro-EU government and wish to Serbia to become a candidate country to EU. Serbia had to show that this kind of events can happen and that the government can protect it's citizens. It's also a sign and opportunity to public opinion to change and realize that these right-wing movements just want random destruction and looting and need to be stopped and cannot be supported.


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I am Tiago Knoch, 26 years old, from Portugal. I come from a village in the center of Portugal called Tramagal and from my organisation Cistus.


I fell in love (literally) with Serbia and Novi Sad two years ago when I participated in a Training Course by Balkan Idea. Last year I participated in another training course here and I decided it was time to do an EVS. Where? Well, in Novi Sad, of course!


This will be my diary about my EVS adventure :)